Reading challenges and their effects

Hello everyone,

I’m back! I finally have time to read again and I hope this will get me to publish blog posts more regularly.

Whenever I don’t have time to read or just don’t feel like picking up a book, I feel guilty, especially when I see all these other bloggers and booktubers and bookstagrammers who read so many books a month! So, these past few weeks I’ve really been thinking a lot about this whenever I felt guilt coming up for not making myself read at least a few pages a day.

As I said, sometimes I just don’t want to. I, of course, love and really enjoy reading, but it should not be a chore, it should be something I do regularly because I want to, because I like it. I’m sure this pressure to read a certain amount of books comes from social media, where sometimes I feel like it’s a competition who will read the biggest amout or read the lastest releases the fastest.

But it can’t work that way. Reading is a very personal experience. Everyone enjoys different things, everyone reads at a different pace, everyone has different priorities when it comes to this. So you can’t judge someone for having read less books than you in a month or year or even none at all. But also, someone who reads a book per week (because that’s the pace they read at) shouldn’t feel bad for not finishing 140 novels in a year.

This year I set my Goodreads reading challenge to 50 books, because I read about 60 books last year and the year before that, so I figured I could reach that goal easily this year as well. But that didn’t happen (or rather: probably won’t happen). I’ve read 36 books so far this year and am 6 books behind schedule. And that’s fine. School was crazy this year and will continue to be crazy until June 2017, so sometimes I don’t have time to read and other times I prefer watching a tv show or just listening to music or spending some time with my family after a stressful day.

Next year, I will set my reading challenge to 1 book, like I saw a few booktubers do this year. I think the Goodreads reading challenge is a great way to keep track of the books you’ve read in a year, so I’m not going to stop using it all together. But I am going to drastically lower my goal because that way the pressure of reading a certain number of books.

Another thing that I will concentrate on more is to read different genres and authors and out of my comfort zone, especially some books that I’ve been eyeing for a while now but haven’t gotten to yet.

I hope my rambling made some sort of sense! Haha. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this topic.

love, marina


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