The reading slump.

Hello everyone,

so if you’re a reader, you most likely know this situation. When you just can’t seem to get into a book or just read in general, you just don’t feel like for maybe a week, maybe a few weeks or maybe even months. This is called a reading slump in the book community. And when you read daily, a phase like that can be very, very annoying and frustuating.


I got the idea for this post because I’m currently in a reading slump which is due to the fact that exams started this month and will last until the middle of June. Next to exams, I also have other tests, presentations etc. So because I had to start studying more than usual in April I barely had time to read and when I did have time I was exhausted from being at school until sometime afternoon and then afterwards studying that I just didn’t feel like reading, but doing other things, like listen to music, or watch tv shows (Game of Thrones came back this week AHH), or hang out with my friends.


Watching booktubers or seeing other bloggers or people on Goodreads read 4-5 books a week while you can’t even read 2 during the whole month you start feeling bad and like you’re not good enough of a book lover, blogger, whatever. That’s what I used to feel like whenever I was in a reading slump. But a few days ago I realized, it doesn’t matter. You are the only person who can say whether or not you are a true book lover and reader. That is not determinded by the amount you read. And sometimes you might concentrate on other activities more, and that’s fine. Especially if the reason for your slump is something that’s out of your control like school.


So, here are some tips on what you can do during a reading slump to make you feel better:

  1. Read something light, like a fluffy contemporary. These are mostly very easy and fast reads that don’t require for you to concentrate hard or take up much of your time.
  2. Re-read a favorite, something that you know you will enjoy. It’s possible that the reason why you’re not getting through the book you’re currently reading is because you’re simply not enjoying it and pushing yourself to get through it.
  3. JUST LET IT BE. As I said early, no own is pressuring you to read, read, read as much as possible other than yourself. If you’re not feeling it, don’t do it. Meet up with your friends, hang out with your family, see a movie (or two or three), (binge) watch a tv show, sleep, do something for school, watch some youtube, find new music, bake, and at some point, no matter how soon or late that will be, you will want to read again and you will get back into your reading routine.tumblr_lboxp0rG461qb0zfoo1_500


My current slump is the reason why I haven’t been posting a lot recently (I sadly just didn’t have new books to talk about) and also why I won’t be posting a wrap up for April. I literally finished one book.

I can’t wait for my exams to be over and for summer to start, so that I can devote myself fully to books.

May your reading slump be short (or even better non-existent).

If you have any tips on how to get over a slump or what to do during one I would love to hear them! Thank you for reading and until next time.

love, marina


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