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What betterway to start off the new year as well as my blogging journey than by looking back at my personal favorite reads of 2015? I did not include re-reads in my list; also books that are not 2015 releases are mentioned. This list is in no particular order. Now, let’s begin.


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One of the most anticipated releases of 2015 and it did not disappoint. The story of Feyre, a human huntress who accidently kills a faerie and as punishment has to live with fae, and faerie lord Tamlin, her new captor, as well as the fantasy world we’re introduced to here are well thought out and captivating. The story is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast, though it definitely has its own touch and twist to it.
When comparing Maas’ writing and storytelling in the first Throne of Glass book and ACOTAR you can see that years have past (she did start writing ToG at the age of 16) and has become a lot better and something that I see myself reading for many years to come.


2. SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE by Morgan Matson

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Before picking this book up I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did.
We follow Emily after her best friend Sloane disappears one day without a good-bye or a text or any information on her whereabouts. The only thing she left for Emily is a to-do list with a number of things out of latter’s comfort zone. Emily hopes that by doing everything on the list she will get her friend back so she starts not only working through the list, but also a journey during which she faces her fears and makes amazing new friends amongst other things.
Matson is able to write cute stories without making them cheesy and shows how important friendship and wonderful life can be and is.
3. CINDER by Marissa Meyer

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Cinderella as a cyborg in a futuristic world where a disease is slowly but surely killing the human kind and an evil queen from the moon tries to take over the world.
I put Cinder here, but really, the Lunar Chronicles in general jumped into my top 3 favorite series of all time during 2015. What makes these books are the loveable characters (every novel is a retelling of a different fairy tale) and the, in my opinion, 100% fascinating world in which there is an entire new race on the moon and the Earthen countries need to work together to keep the so-called Lunars from invading and taking over the blue planet.

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The story about Jacob, who after finding out that the stories about a group of peculiar children with special abilites his grandfather told him about are in fact not just stories but real, goes on an adventure to find those children, is inspired by old pictures Riggs found of peculiar looking people. These photos are shown in the book and make the whole reading experience 10 times more intense and interesting.
I was mad at myself for not picking up this book earlier because the plot is very unique and well written, the peculiar children are lovely and heart-warming. I highly recommand this book to everyone, not just to people who enjoy fantasy books.
Also, the movie is coming out next year and is being directed by Tim Burton, who in my opinion is the absolute perfect choice as the director for this movie; I cannot wait to see how he translates the story to the big screen!


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Yes, another novel by Matson and I definitely plan on reading every other book she publishes.

We follow Amy, who has to travel across the United States to her new house after her mother left a month earlier, and Roger, an old friend, who drives Amy to the opposite coast since she does not want to because her father died in a car accident not too long ago.
The story is more than a cute, light contemporary read, some parts are incredibly funny, some are cry-worth and overall it’s just absolutely fantastic. We don’t only get to read the story, we also see pictures and playlists and receipts from their trip throughout the book.


Other than ACOTAR, which is New Adult, all of these novels are YA, but I for sure recommand all of them to anyone! I hope your reading year in 2015 was as good as mine and will be even better in 2016!


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your round up – I have’t made it around to the Lunar Chronicles yet but I can only resist stories about cyborgs for so long 🙂 Maybe I’ll put Matson on my 2016 list as well, I haven’t heard of either of those books before!

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